Episode 7 – DLTV2014 Wrap, Laptop Leases #2, Goal Setting & Bike Ed Blunders

The links below relate to our overview of the DLTV Annual Conference 2014:

Presentations don’t make a conference, people do – by Aaron Davis

#DLTV2014 Twitter stream – have your scrolling button ready!

‘All In It Together’ – Rick’s short reflection on networking at a conference

One thought on “Episode 7 – DLTV2014 Wrap, Laptop Leases #2, Goal Setting & Bike Ed Blunders

  1. A great wrap up of the DLTV conference. Thanks for the mention guys- you are too kind!
    The fruit gaming device was made with a “makey makey” I think: http://www.makeymakey.com/
    As for student goals setting: I think the good thing about goals is that in order for students to set a goal for themselves they need to have a good understanding of where they currently are- this means teachers need to make sure they are giving ‘regular dollops’ of feedback. (This of course reflects Hattie’s research on what has the largest impact in student achievement). So is it the goal or the act of setting the goal that has the most impact on student achievement?
    A few chuckles in the bike ed segment- have had so many similar experiences-it takes a special type of teacher to go with the slow kids at the back!
    Well done guys- keep up the good work!

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