Episode 79 – Professional Practice Days, Building Relationships, Hitting The Mark & The Zipper Bites Back


In this episode we cited and discussed the following article:

‘One Teacher’s Brilliant Strategy To Stop Future School Shootings – And It’s Not About Guns’, Glennon Doyle Melton, Reader’s Digest, viewed 20/2/18

Episode 78 – Positive Starts, Going Green, Morris Gleitzman & Prep Surprises

This is our first episode for 2018. It is great to be back! Welcome to new and old listeners. Leave us a comment, a question or perhaps a sneaky anecdote from your classroom…!

In this episode we cited and discussed the following articles:

‘Welcome to the jungle: the Bali school attracting wealthy Western families’, Tom Vanderbilt, The Age Good Weekend, 3/2/18, viewed 3/2/18

‘Australia’s new children’s laureate Morris Gleitzman hopes to inspire children in dark, uncertain world’, Linda Morris, The Age, 12/2/18, viewed 12/2/18

2 Regular Teachers are back to bring home the end of the teaching year!

The end of another big year in the land of education is nearly upon us. What better way to get you through the last weeks than to rejoin us here at the 2 Regular Teachers Podcast. The penultimate episode for 2017 will be released this coming Thursday with the annual Christmas episode next week.
Got an anecdote about your latest experience in or out of the classroom? Please hit us up here with a comment!
Adam & Rick

Episode 75 (Spring Special) – Returning, Uniforms, Male Muddles & Camp Catastrophes

In this episode we cited and discussed the following articles:

Girls win right to wear shorts and trousers to all Victorian state schools‘, Henrietta Cook, The Age, 12/9/17, viewed 12/9/17

School uniforms: who needs them?‘, William McKeith, Sydney Morning Herald, 14/9/17, viewed 15/9/17

Concern for vulnerable children as proportion of male teachers drops‘, Jane Gilmore, The Age, 9/9/17, viewed 9/9/17

Male teachers fear student contact for false abuse claims: experts‘, Monique Hore, Herald Sun, 4/8/17, viewed 17/9/17


2 Regular Teachers Special Spring Episode!

By Alan Vernon – originally posted to Flickr as A tender moment between sibling Belding’s ground squirrel pups, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10302738

‘2 Regular Teachers’ returns this coming week with a special spring episode. We have emerged from our long hibernation still intact, in touch and (hopefully) informed about the job we call a career. We hope to look at some of the big issues making news of late, chat about the school-based issues making teachers celebrate or fret during another busy term and (perhaps) see the return of the anecdote segment.

If you have not ‘un-liked’ or ‘un-followed’ us during the hiatus, we’d love to address any pressing topics, questions or anecdotes that have been on your mind. Comment on this post, send us a tweet (@rakt or @AdamLavars), leave a message on our Facebook page or if you work in Victoria, shoot us an email via edumail

The episode will be released the evening of Wednesday 20th September. You can find us on iTunes, PlayerFM, Podomatic and many other podcast platforms.

Hope you can join us!

Important ‘2 Regular Teachers’ Update

Hi everyone,

It’s an interesting time for the ‘2 Regular Teachers’ podcast. One thing we’ve always prided ourselves on from the first episode was that the podcast and what we discussed, always reflected the life of a regular teacher and the myriad of roles we play.

With that in mind, we have decided to put the podcast on indefinite leave for the time being. We don’t see this as the end but just a moment in time that will pass. At this stage, we see ourselves possibly returning in late July and/or August.

No sinister motive, no ‘breakdown’. Never fear! It just feels like the right time to pause in our discussions about education for the moment.

Please stay with us and we’ll post updates when the time is right to provide updates on our possible return.

Thanks to everybody who has liked our page to this point and has joined in our discussions. We appreciate it!

Cheers for now!

Rick & Adam – 2 Regular Teachers