Important ‘2 Regular Teachers’ Update

Hi everyone,

It’s an interesting time for the ‘2 Regular Teachers’ podcast. One thing we’ve always prided ourselves on from the first episode was that the podcast and what we discussed, always reflected the life of a regular teacher and the myriad of roles we play.

With that in mind, we have decided to put the podcast on indefinite leave for the time being. We don’t see this as the end but just a moment in time that will pass. At this stage, we see ourselves possibly returning in late July and/or August.

No sinister motive, no ‘breakdown’. Never fear! It just feels like the right time to pause in our discussions about education for the moment.

Please stay with us and we’ll post updates when the time is right to provide updates on our possible return.

Thanks to everybody who has liked our page to this point and has joined in our discussions. We appreciate it!

Cheers for now!

Rick & Adam – 2 Regular Teachers

Episode 73 – ‘Can Do Better’, Class Half Full, Student Leadership & No More Notes!

In this episode we cited and discussed the following articles and segments:

‘Can Do Better’, 60 Minutes, 12/2/17, viewed 13/2/17

‘Class half-full’, Peter Blatchford, AEU News, Volume 22, Issue 7, December 2016, viewed 20/12/16

The 2016 Xmas Special (Episode 71)

With special guests Tony Foster, Andy McNeilly and, as always at Christmas, John Pearce.

In this episode, John discussed a book creation project he conducted with students back in the 1990’s. Below is a link to the example he brought along to the podcast. A wonderful Christmas story ‘with a twist’, as John pointed out, created by a Year 3/4 student. Enjoy!

Stephanie’s Christmas Story

The link to the Connecting with your Kids Facebook page can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Episode 70 – Fun with Fins, Student Files, Cursive Handwriting & The Perfect Spew

In this episode we cited and discussed the following articles:

‘All schooled out’, Danny Katz, The Age, 2/12/16, viewed 2/12/16

‘Mum’s gone to Finland. One parent’s lesson in why Finnish children excel at school – and love it too’, Naomi Sani,, 7/4/14, viewed 5/12/16

‘Victoria’s teachers favour keyboard skills over cursive handwriting’, Elissa Doherty, Herald Sun, 3/12/16, viewed 5/12/16

Episode 69 – STEM Skills, Grade Requests, Raising The ATAR & ‘Red Faces’

In this episode we cited and discussed the following articles:

‘STEM setting preschoolers up for workforce success in 2030’, Karen Hardy, The Age, 28/11/16, viewed 29/11/16

‘Attracting the best new teachers is more complex than their ATAR’, Brenda Cherednichenko, The Age, 24/11/16, viewed 29/11/16