Episode 31 – Standardised Bluffing, Teacher Titles, Work/Life & Educational Fossils

In this episode we cited and discussed the following articles, blog posts and videos:

‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Standardised Testing (HBO)’, video, vidme, viewed 6/5/15

‘What’s in a name? Quite a bit for pupils addressing teachers’, Amanda Dunn, The Age, 2/5/15, viewed 2/5/15

‘Can teachers ever have a work-life balance?’, Sean Reid, The Guardian, 7/12/11, viewed 27/4/15

Episode 30 – Console Gaming, NAPLAN Prep., Standing Desks & 49 Complaints

In this episode we cited and discussed the following articles:

‘He suddenly became incredibly sullen, angry and frustrated. He was 10’, Wesley Yin-Poole, eurogamer.net, 2/4/15, viewed 27/4/15

‘Criticisms of NAPLAN ‘tired’: ACARA chief’, Andrew Bracey, Education Review, 23/4/15, viewed 28/4/15

‘Should Your Kids’ School Have Standing Desks? These CrossFitters Think So’, Adele Peters, Fast Co.Exist, 23/4/15, viewed 27/4/15

‘Teacher barred from classroom after 49 complaints’, Henrietta Cook, The Age, 27/4/15, viewed 27/4/15