Important ‘2 Regular Teachers’ Update

Hi everyone,

It’s an interesting time for the ‘2 Regular Teachers’ podcast. One thing we’ve always prided ourselves on from the first episode was that the podcast and what we discussed, always reflected the life of a regular teacher and the myriad of roles we play.

With that in mind, we have decided to put the podcast on indefinite leave for the time being. We don’t see this as the end but just a moment in time that will pass. At this stage, we see ourselves possibly returning in late July and/or August.

No sinister motive, no ‘breakdown’. Never fear! It just feels like the right time to pause in our discussions about education for the moment.

Please stay with us and we’ll post updates when the time is right to provide updates on our possible return.

Thanks to everybody who has liked our page to this point and has joined in our discussions. We appreciate it!

Cheers for now!

Rick & Adam – 2 Regular Teachers

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