2 thoughts on “Episode 67 – Junior iPads, Late Teaching Prac, Shoelaces, Potato Chips & ‘Dunk The Teacher’

  1. Hi Adam and Rick,

    Thanks so much for covering my questions around iPads in the Junior years. Great advice on an app budget; will definitely put this to leadership. The understanding I have and the recommendation from our tech is that iPads are more intuitive for younger students and as Adam said, they are more readily able to start a task and start the learning! In Prep we spent over a term trying to teach students how to turn on and logon to laptops which is very frustrating when students are still learning the alphabet.
    I will most definitely be doing my own research to see which apps are best but also looking forward to any other teachers’ feedback on their successes and challenges with iPads.

    Great to hear you’re back up and running!

    • This year I teach Foundation (after 4 years in Grade 1) and the iPads are FANTASTIC for the junior students! We use a mix of consume and create apps and don’t have any problems with students not being able to access things. They are extremely ‘kid friendly’ and intuitive for them. The kids love using qr codes for various things (write the room, solve the riddle etc), we use Reading Eggs nearly every day, and the kids love it! Once a week they make a simple video (just using the camera) about something related to school or their learning. They are starting to email them to me, but prior to this I just copied them onto my computer. If time permits we will use iMovie to create an individual video of their year which will be accessible to their parents.
      In Grade 1 we used Pages each week for the students (in groups) to create a ‘poster’ about the letter/sound/maths problem etc we were looking at. They were able to use the voice recording for spellings, and had to add in pictures, words etc. They then had to email them the teacher. Some of these we sent home to share with parents. If students had their own device it would be very easy to send it straight to their parents.
      We are lucky with the amount of iPads we have in the Junior school, (Foundation have 25 – for 50 students in 2 classes, Grade 1&2 have 16 for approx 90 students in 4 classes)
      Sorry for the long ramble, but as you can probably tell I think they’re a great tool for Junior Students!

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