Episode 59 – The Performance Era, Education Budget ‘16, Student Tech Leaders & Rick Had A Little Lamb

In this episode we cited and discussed the following articles and posts:

‘The “Performance Era”‘, Will Richardson, willrichardson.com, 3/5/16, viewed 2/3/16

‘Federal Budget 2016: $1b back-to-basics test for schools’, Samantha Maiden, Herald Sun, 1/5/16, viewed 1/5/16

‘Mandy Squires:Compulsory VCE maths a formula for failure for some kids’, Mandy Squires, Geelong Advertiser, 2/5/16, viewed 2/5/16

2 thoughts on “Episode 59 – The Performance Era, Education Budget ‘16, Student Tech Leaders & Rick Had A Little Lamb

  1. Thanks for the mention guys.
    The power of students teaching students is awesome. In this case, it was one of our student tech leaders who usually help me with Prep sessions. It had double value as well as this child usually lacks confidence with oral presentations – he certainly did not is this arena. I have stepped way back in these weekly sessions since and the student tech leaders are basically running the show. So good for their confidence and the rapport with other students is a delight.

    • Hi Celia,
      Thank you for the great comment along with a really valuable insight into your classroom. Apologies for our late reply.
      Back in the days at my old school (when there was still a computer lab) I often tried this out with the older students. Like you said, it is great to see the students that usually wouldn’t be up for speaking to an audience coming alive in this arena.

      I am teaching Year 3 this year and we have slowly begun to build our lists of ‘experts’ in the classroom. These experts are on hand to give tips and work with their peers to improve all our capabilities (including mine!) when using selected apps on our iPads. It really does empower them and makes learning much more fun for them.

      Thanks again Celia,

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