Episode 56 – Topsy Terms, Teachers Going Viral, No Pay iPad & Hot Buttered Rolls

In this episode we cited and discussed the following articles:

‘Our schools need a holiday from chaotic term breaks’, Frank FitzGerald, The Age, 5/4/16, viewed 6/4/16

‘Primary school teacher is sacked after video of her twerking in a bikini in Mexico sweeps the web and is spotted by outraged parents’, Gerard Couzens, Daily Mail Australia, 10/4/16, viewed 10/4/16

‘Parents protest school computer policies, refuse to pay for iPads’, Timna Jacks, The Age, 5/4/16, viewed 11/4/16

‘See the dodgy 1982 lunch menu that fed a Melbourne primary school’, Jamie Duncan, Herald Sun, 11/4/16, viewed 11/4/16

2 thoughts on “Episode 56 – Topsy Terms, Teachers Going Viral, No Pay iPad & Hot Buttered Rolls

  1. Hi Adam and Rick,

    Great podcast as always! I felt the same way when reading about the teacher in Mexico in that it wasn’t a great idea to do what she did but again it is her right to privacy. On the lunch front… It may not have been a lunch order but I used to have tartare sauce rolls for a while there!

    Hope the term is going well for you both,


    • Hi Claire,
      Tartare sauce rolls! Oh dear, the taste of that is quite easy for me to imagine…and I’m not sure if I could handle it. Wonderful entry. Thanks for sharing. We may have started something here. At least, I hope we have.

      You touched on an important point with the sacked Mexican teacher. As teachers we need to be informed and well aware of that clear balance between professional duties and privacy I think. Perhaps a bit of common sense. Then again, we are our own people and conduct our own lives away from the classroom. Teaching is still a job albeit a personal one.


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