Episode 39 – Male Teachers, Morning Mail, Social Media & Scienceworks

In this episode we cited and discussed the following articles and posts:

‘Male teachers: talk about your children and wife’, dwettrick, The Innovation Teacher, 14/11/13, viewed 25/6/15

‘Why you should never check email on Sunday evening’, Joyce Russell, The Age Business Day, 17/7/15, viewed 18/7/15

‘Why educators can’t live without social media’, Eric Stoller, Jisc, 20/7/15, viewed 22/7/15


3 thoughts on “Episode 39 – Male Teachers, Morning Mail, Social Media & Scienceworks

  1. Morning Boys,

    another ripper show. A great feat of podmanship considering you we’re straight off the bat from DigiCon15. I believe my school to be a bit of an anomaly in terms of the male to female teacher divide. I’m not backing this up with any hard data but I think we’re about 50:50. Absolutely with with you both on the importance of sharing who you are with your students and you were spot on with your reasons for doing so. Some of my most prized little moments of day to day school life will be when , for instance, I’m on yard duty and a few students whom I haven’t taught for a couple of years accost me and demand that I show them a recent photo of my daughter and they comment on how much she’s changed. Or they recount a funny stories I’d told them which they still remember vividly but I have trouble recalling.

    Sharing who I am has helped to break down social and cultural barriers within my classroom. I teach many students of Islamic faith, especially boys who hold fast to the rigid gender roles of the Muslim male. There can be a casual conversation where one might ask what I had for dinner the previous night and I reveal that I do the majority of the cooking in my home as my wife “can’t boil an egg”. At first they are horrified, they question, I answer, some of them think and we all laugh. Banter ensues and relationships build. They leave and I know that they they are thinking. Their cultural beliefs have been challenged, just a little but it all adds up.



    • This is a great response the topic Lee. Thanks for sharing. We were really intrigued to get some input from secondary teachers and you’ve helped out immensely here. Your students are lucky folk. And in the whole big scheme of things, it’s not that hard to share yourself as you’ve shown.
      Adam & Rick

  2. Another interesting episode guys.

    In regards to social media etc … I agree about overcoming the fear in regards to getting online. However, I feel that we do not help other learners by saying get connected without starting with why. http://readwriterespond.com/?p=1052 Associated with this, the worst thing that we do is undervalue the connections that we already have. At the end of the day, being connected is a mindset. It is a realisation that what we know was discovered by conversing with others, whether online or off. Lets start there maybe?

    P.S. The ACER keyboard is rubbish. Not a fan AT ALL.

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