Episode 37 – Uni Mentors, Teachers As Parents, Fidgeting & Tipsy Lectures

In this final episode for term two, 2015, we cited and discussed the following articles and posts:

‘A day in the life…of a first year primary teacher’, Julia Proctor, The Age, 20/4/15, viewed 30/4/15

‘Are you compromising your children’s privacy online?’, Marianne Stenger, Splash ABC, 9/6/15, viewed 17/6/15

‘Let kids fidget in class: Why it can be good for those with ADHD’, Anya Kamenetz, KQED News, 15/5/15, viewed 22/6/15

Finally, we’d like to thank Cara J for being a brilliant guest!

2 thoughts on “Episode 37 – Uni Mentors, Teachers As Parents, Fidgeting & Tipsy Lectures

  1. Hi guys,

    I loved this episode! I’ve been catching up on all the episodes from last year and am finding it very relevant to the issues that are happening in my school each day. I am a grad teacher in Melbourne and am more than happy to have a chat/email conversation with you about the different experiences I’ve had this year.


    • Hi Claire,
      It’s great (and humbling) to hear that as as first year grad, you are getting lots out of our previous episodes. We try really hard to keep a foot in that area and make sure we remember and acknowledge that first and second year in the job.
      We will certainly keep you in mind for a chat about it. Perhaps later in the year when you are coming to the end of your first year. We have Skyped a segment before and recorded the audio for the show so that could be an option.
      Good luck for the remainder of the year and keep on listening! 🙂
      Adam & Rick

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