Episode 35 – ‘Hands Up’, Killing Creativity, Rubrics As Grades & Interview Irritations

In this episode we cited or discussed the following articles and posts:

‘Not you, Hermione: teachers ban students from raising their hands’, Timna Jacks, The Age, 5/6/15, viewed 6/6/15

‘How Schools Are Killing Creativity’, Line Dalile, Huffington Post, 4/10/12, viewed 8/6/15

‘Goodbye to Grades: Windsor Locks Schools Pioneer a New Way to Assess Students’, David Desroches, BBC World Service, 8/6/15, viewed 8/6/15

2 thoughts on “Episode 35 – ‘Hands Up’, Killing Creativity, Rubrics As Grades & Interview Irritations

  1. Hi guys,

    Loved this episode…thought of you both when we had interviews with parents this week. Had a mum bring her toddler to the interview with his own iPad so that he wouldn’t distract us…he then proceeded to watch Playschool at full volume. Yeah, because that’s not distracting at all. So lucky he still has an iPad!

    Impressed with your commitment to the podcast – especially as we head towards the end of what seems like a never ending term 🙂


    • Hey Karyn,
      That’s a great addition to the annals of stories about parent/teacher interviews and 3 way conferences. Thanks for sharing. Did the toddler actually sit at the table with the iPad or was he/she sitting somewhere in the classroom? Either way, how frustrating. 🙂

      As Adam said in a tweet, at this time of the term, the podcast does break up the busy week nicely. Having said that, we are looking forward to the break like you are!


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