Episode 33 – ‘Modern Teachers’, New Tech History, A+ VCE & The ‘Real’ General Comment

In this week’s episode we cited and discussed the following articles:

‘The 16 characteristics of a modern teacher’, Jeff Dunn, DailyGenius, 8/5/15, viewed 16/5/15

‘How New Technologies Push Us Towards The Past’, William H. Davidow & Michael S. Malone, Harvard Business Review, 8/5/15, viewed 18/5/15

‘The A+ teachers helping students to 40+ in VCE’, Liz Porter, The Age, 18/5/15, viewed 19/5/15

Publisher’s note: Adam discovered his selection of ‘choice’ general report comments from a repost he viewed on his Instagram feed. If you were the one that shared it, let us know. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Episode 33 – ‘Modern Teachers’, New Tech History, A+ VCE & The ‘Real’ General Comment

  1. Another great podcast Rick & Adam!!

    I liked the 16 characteristics – agree that we don’t need ‘modern’ in there! At the moment I’m really struggling with #14 – model resiliency & perseverance – for myself and my students. How do we build resilience in our younger students if it’s not supported by parents?

    The report comments were gold. Luckily I couldn’t use any of these comments with my students this year 🙂 Imagine the reaction if you were totally honest with report writing!

    • Thanks for the comment Miss P!

      We liked the list of characteristics too. Most of them are valid and a requirement if you are going to be successful in the profession. Yet, we all have tough times don’t we, and it’s difficult to keep all of these great traits up for the entire time. I think that is one of the reasons why some teachers burn out in the profession. Good point about parents. The learning path of a student is a lot more difficult if families do not support resilient thinking. I agree with that.

      As for the report comments, it can be quite liberating and therapeutic to write a few ‘real’ comments down just for yourself. Not that you would ever publish them, but it’s good fun. Try it if you haven’t! 🙂 After all, we are all human and cannot live in a state of mind where we love every member of the race unequivocally hey!


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