Episode 18 – Assemblies, Ultranet, ZPD & Windy Interruptions

In Episode 18, we cited the following articles and blog posts:

‘The Role of the School Assembly’, Neil Hawkes, www.livingvalues.net

‘School assemblies: digging deeper’, Kavitha Ghosh, Teacher Plus

‘What is a school assembly?’, BBC, Commonwealth Class

‘Ultranet shares and jobs scandal snares Victoria’s education department’, Richard Baker, Nick McKenzie & Benjamin Preiss, The Age, 12/11/14

‘Seeking Clarity: Teaching through the lense of ZPD’, Catherine Gatt, Shaping Bridges

One thought on “Episode 18 – Assemblies, Ultranet, ZPD & Windy Interruptions

  1. A comment from a colleague…

    “So I’m keeping it low brow…for a few weeks now my kids tummies haven’t been very happy and the smell just wafts over the group. We’ve spoken about ignoring it and that sometime we can’t help it and we don’t need to embarrass people, have a giggle and move on. But today I was reading a story to the class when the back row started holding their noses, they didn’t say a thing as they know to ignore the engulfing fumes…but then the next row raised their hands to their noses and it was a Mexican wave fart rippling towards me. Well the inevitable hit and to make matters worse one child started waving their hands to waft the smell away and then all 21 of them were doing that towards me! So like you said, sometimes you just stoop to the same level. I then started using my book to wave it back at them! They were hysterical with laughter. All class down in Grade 1.” 🙂
    – Kate

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