Episode 12 – TMGeelong, Grade Splitting, iParenting & Emails

In this episode we referenced the following articles and links:

TeachMeetMelbourne Wiki

Disconnecting & Connecting – Mark O’Meara, TeachMeet Geelong Presentation

Grade-splitting harming children’s learning, teachers say – Jewel Topsfield, The Age, 29/9/14

Department debt blamed for grade splitting increase – Jewel Topsfield, The Age, 1/10/14

Parenting as a Gen Xer: We’re the first generation of parents in the age of iEverything – Allison Slater Tate, The Washington Post, 29/9/14

Germany: No more work emails after 6pm, news.com.au

4 thoughts on “Episode 12 – TMGeelong, Grade Splitting, iParenting & Emails

  1. Hi Rick and Adam. Just wanted to reach out and say hello. I have been thinking on and off for a few years about moving from a career in IT to teaching (particularly Primary) and during my recent decision making I came across your podcast…

    Just wanted to say thanks because the day to day stories and discussions from ‘two regular teachers’ particularly with an ICT slant helped me. I’ve now applied and been accepted in NSW as a mature age student to start next year.

    Thanks again

    • Hi Brad,
      Thanks for making contact with us. We really appreciate it.
      Congratulations on making the leap into primary teaching. We’d love to know more about your journey and what IT skills you are bringing into the job.
      We’re glad that the everyday stuff we are perusing has resonated in some fashion.
      All the best,

    • Hey Brad,

      Firstly – congratulations on being accepted into a teaching course for next year! I think it’s fantastic and also courageous to make a career change like this and I have no doubt that you’ll love teaching just as much as we go!

      I’m also rather chuffed that we’ve been able to help with that decision in some small way. Our aim with this podcast has always been to keep it as real as possible and discuss topics and stories that current and pre-service teachers from across the globe could relate to. For you to find us along the way and for our stories as ‘2 regular teachers’ to resonate with you as well is terrific and great to hear!

      Rick and I would love to hear about your journey over the coming weeks, months and years, so please stay in touch and let us know if we can help in any way.


  2. Thanks Rick and Adam.

    Will definitely keep listening in to the podcast and i’d be happy to keep checking in with you guys. Who knows maybe i might be able to have a guest spot on the podcast one week… 🙂

    As a male in a female dominated job type and with some other career experience, I think i have a bit to offer to the profession…

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