Episode 10 – 1:1 Contracts, Awards, Class Sizes & Staff Room Politics

In Episode 10 we referenced the following articles and documents:

‘Pupils at Thomas Ferens in Hull refused GCSE results over iPad dispute’ – by Hull Daily Mail

‘Smaller class sizes generally better: new study’ – by Geoff Maslen, SMH

‘Class Size –  The Research’AEU Victorian Branch, July 2014

2 thoughts on “Episode 10 – 1:1 Contracts, Awards, Class Sizes & Staff Room Politics

  1. Another great episode guys. in regards to class sizes, it would seem that everyone is on the bandwagon that they have little impact. However, maybe poor pedagogy doesn’t have an impact? In regards to Zyngier’s work, what struck me was that he called for smaller class sizes in early years. So often schools pump in support for the supposed ‘lost’ years during middle years, but I wonder if we funded and supported learning early that there wouldn’t be so many supposed ‘problems’ in middle years?
    In regards to rewards, it is not just students, but staff as well. I can’t stand when one teacher is identified for doing something great, while the other great teachers are just sitting around http://readingwritingresponding.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/when-encouragement-isn-so-encouraging.html
    In regards to staffrooms, I once worked at a school where we had a coffee lady who made our drinks and put out biscuits, cheese and dip each day. They were some good times.

    • Hi Aaron,
      Thanks for the useful comment. I intend to visit your post about encouragement tonight or tomorrow. It’s quite timely as we were discussing coaching, appreciations and evaluation in a staff meeting this week. I feel your post might relate to this topic.
      Teacher rewards are an interesting one. My experience in schools has taught me that there always seems to be inconsistencies with staff being identified and recognised for doing something great or something extra in their job. If leadership decide to go down that road, consistency is the key I believe. The reality is that some teachers take on more extra stuff than others; a simple fact.

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