Episode 9 – NAPLAN, IBL, VIT & Flat Tyres (FT)

News articles cited in relation to the 2014 NAPLAN writing data:

Marked Down: how one tough question skewed the NAPLAN resultsThe Australian

Persuasive writing stumps many students in NAPLANThe Age

A resource related to Inquiry Based Learning from the TL21C program – Shared by Rich Lambert, 2013


2 thoughts on “Episode 9 – NAPLAN, IBL, VIT & Flat Tyres (FT)

  1. Another great job guys. Inquiry is such a murky topic. I actually wrote a post reflecting on how there is different forms of inquiry and each is interpreted differently http://readingwritingresponding.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/so-which-pedagogical-cocktails-are.html.
    In regards to PowerPoint, I was really touched by this post by George Couros (I reckon he saw Jen’s tweet) http://t.co/EQAZARVjkS Also, loved this SlideShare presentation http://www.slideshare.net/jessedee/you-suck-at-powerpoint?ref=
    Great work guys. Sorry to hear about the tire. Not a tire story, but my car actually caught on fire in my first year teaching. I taught deep in the Yarra Valley at the time where there was one road in, one road out. Two CFA trucks. There was no hiding. Best bit, was on the way to school. THAT was a long day. Although I got $1000 for that car which was a positive, because it wasn’t worth anything. Family had tried selling it for 6 months and didn’t get one bit of interest.

  2. Thanks for the comment Aaron!
    I find Inquiry a tough one. When the classroom gets busy and there is lots going on, particularly up in the 5/6 area where I teach, it can be the first thing to get the flick in place of fitting other things in. Too often we end up teaching a bit of it but it never seems like enough to cover all the areas required. Always an interesting topic to look at. Cheers for the links as well, will definitely check them out over the weekend.
    And I can’t believe your car caught on fire – I think I’d rather deal with a flat tyre to be honest, ha ha! Scoring a $1000 is not bad though, at least it was something to walk away with. This is my third flat in almost 8 years of teaching and it’s scared me enough to book in and get 4 fresh new ones over the weekend. For my peace of mind it could be money well spent!

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