2 thoughts on “Episode 3 – New Students, TV Studios, Student Led Conferences & The Dees

  1. Hi Rick & Adam,
    I think what I closely connected with this week was your discussion about new students. In my short 4 years, I have seen many, many students come and go (and one leave and return 6 months later!)
    As a school, we have had the discussion about creating a “Welcome Pack” for students – we already have one for parents explaining lots of administration stuff like the canteen, absence notes etc. While I think it’s a great idea, I can see a number of problems with it, mostly what happens if you go to all this effort to create a pack each year and you don’t get any new students?
    I actually had a girl start in the middle of Term 2. I started off by explaining how terrible my memory is so if I forget anything to just remind me! Turns out, there was many things I had forgotten to prepare for her (I think I had 2 days notice that she was coming). Not only were there notes to upcoming camp & an excursion, there’s also spelling test booklets, Edmodo accounts, Google Apps account etc. Luckily I am the administrator for GAFE so that was easy to set up. Also lucky that my new girl is so patient! So anyway, I’m not sure there is an easy solution other than to play catch up as you go.
    Just wanted to mention that my school hasn’t quite caught up yet and we still use the term “Parent/Teacher Interviews”. If the students even come with their parents, that’s a bonus! Good luck with your upcoming Student Led Conferences! (I would much rather this model)
    From your number 1 fan,
    Katelyn 🙂

  2. Spot on Katelyn! The welcome pack is a great idea, in theory, but it still doesn’t cover everything – you would need to set up a variety of accounts, for example, that you can’t pre-empt in a welcome pack and it’s so easy to overlook some of these. And you don’t remember them until the class is about to do an activity (eg. Edmodo) and that student ends up wandering over to tell you that they don’t have a log in, what should they do etc and then you go into panic mode to set it up for them as quick as possible!
    Can’t believe you still use ‘Parent/Teacher Interviews’, ha ha! The term seems so… archaic! I was telling a first year grad today that back in my first year of teaching all we did was have a sit down interview with the parents for 10 minutes without the student, which meant we couldn’t really show any work and celebrate that like we do now. For some kids that were fine that interview might only last 5 minutes and you felt bad trying to fill in those extra minutes! Hope they still go really well for you, only 4 get ups left until the holidays…. 🙂

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