Episode 2 – Changing Practice, Reports, Man Flu and Tennessee Rules

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Here are two links to articles discussed in Episode 2:

Why traditional written reports should be challenged? by Jason Borton

‘Tennessee man gets arrested while trying to pick up kids at school– Daily News


2 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Changing Practice, Reports, Man Flu and Tennessee Rules

  1. Another great effort guys. Been doing a lot of thinking myself about reports and whether there is a better way. This post came up in my feedly the other day and might spike your interest: http://geoffmaslen.edublogs.org/2014/06/13/why-a-to-e-grades-dont-tell-the-whole-story/ In regards to the man flu and hygiene, you need to watch Richard Hammond’s documentary Invisible World. He actually breaks down a sneeze. Just can’t remember which episode. After watching that you realise that there is simply no escaping.

    • Thanks for the great reply Aaron. Each semester I think about reports and the mountain of work we do for it, and I wonder – is it worth it? Do the parents really read over it all, or do they just check for the basics and being content that their kid is doing ok in most areas? Always a hot topic for debate as so many schools do it differently these days.
      And there is no escaping the sneeze these days either – I’ve got a few kids sneezing and coughing all over the place at the minute, and with student led conferences and holidays around the corner I’m taking every precaution to keep the body right… although I didn’t catch anything from Rick on Thursday so the immune system must be doing alright! 🙂

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